Prefabricated homes project provides shelter for the poor and suffering in Guatemala

    The heart of God is to care for those that are unable to provide or care for themselves. It is this that we have sought to do; taking care of orphans and people that are physically less able to provide for themselves.  At this time God has opened a door to help especially widows and people with disabilities with new homes. This is an exciting opportunity.  To people in more affluent areas, these are very small houses, but to a widow who is living in a cornstalk home, or to one whose cooking lean-to was smashed by a landslide two years ago, this provision is indeed a God-send. These homes only cost $3,200 to build, and are durable and will keep families warm and cozy even during the rainy season. 

 God blessed us with a piece of land where we were able to build a duplex for single mothers who don't own any land. This land is large enough we will be able to build for 6 families.

Wood stoves with smoke piped outdoors improves women and children’s health!
In Guatemala, most people burn with an open fire inside their house.  The smoke not only causes breathing issues, but it also leads to eye problems, such as cataracts.  People spend a lot of time searching for wood. 



The ONIL stove uses 70% less wood, and is vented outside the house.  We can install them for $220 each.  If you would like to sponsor an ONIL Stove, please let us know.  These stoves change people’s lives dramatically!





Bunk beds are provided with the homes to get people off the ground where many have been sleeping.  It's one of the children's favorite sights to see the bed being assembled; they are always so excited to climb up! The cost of providing families with a 3 high bunkbed with mattresses is $300.