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Ben and Emily Mooney in Guatemala
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Bethel Ministries International exists to advance a powerful Christian transformation in the whole of society, one life at a time.

 Mission Statement

Bethel Ministries International, an inter-denominational ministry, exists to advance a social transformation by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We meet the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional needs of  individuals, and we desire that every person use their talents and gifts as we network them together to meet the wide variety of needs that this world has.

Mooney Family Background

In 1983, after missionary and language training, Chris and Donna established an orphanage in Mexico under World Missionary Evangelism. We had the privilege of serving as Mom and Dad to more than 150 abandoned children, as well as distribute food and clothing, build houses, and establish churches. After 10 wonderful years of service, we felt led to turn the work over to a faithful national couple, and to this day that ministry continues to touch lives. 

Following a time of refreshing and church planting in New Mexico, God opened the doors for us to serve Ministerio Cristiano Bethel wheelchair shop and distribution center in Guatemala, an organization which repairs and distributes wheelchairs to the disabled of Central America. Little did we know we were stepping into the greatest years of Christian service we have experienced to date. Now, with over 20 incredible years here in Guatemala, and the founding of Bethel Ministries International, we are thrilled to see the ministry expanding beyond our dreams. We give all glory to God for the many people He is allowing us to bring into His kingdom each year.

The Family Joins In

Caleb and Alyssa have been commissioned to lead mission's groups to Guatemala and all over Latin America with their organization Juvenet. The name Juvenet stands for a network of youth who we believe will rise up and cause a powerful Christian transformation in the whole of society! They are very excited with this opportunity.

Judah and his wife Mary have the vision of bringing holistic development to the poor in Paraguay, initiating a ministry called Diaconia ADP they provide a strong program to help the poor overcome poverty through micro-credit, vocational training and community development. Today Judah with a Paraguayan team, work with the Transforming Paraguay Together Project to empower the local churches with the evangelistic tools necessary to reach the country with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Hannah and Saul were married in 2006, and continue now as a team to help the ministry. Saul is a very talented wheelchair technician with a God given ability to adapt wheelchairs to meet the special need of children with severe physical problems. He is now directing the wheelchair shop and distributions. Hannah oversees donor gifts and helps with accounting.

Benjamin and Emily moved to Guatemala at the end of 2016 to work full time with Bethel. They spend most of their time out on the field with our missions teams who build houses, give out food and clothes, and do wheelchair distributions. Benjamin has now become a director of BMI, and Emily oversees communications for BMI. 


Nicholas and Elizabeth Frey had partnered with BMI for five years by leading teams down here, before making the big leap to move down and work with BMI full time in 2018. They have been a valuable asset to our team by being extremely hard-working and relational - making amazing connections with our volunteers and those whom we serve. 

Dick Rutgers has come alongside us for the last 10 years, giving of his life working in the communities. His main thrust is readjusting wheelchairs at the orphanages, and traveling out visiting the many folk that Bethel gives aid to.  Dick's journal is a must read, for a glimpse of the daily life as a Bethel volunteer.