Water Filters

Struggling for clean water is a lifetime problem, a major demand on time and continual source of health concerns.  Change lives! Clean water can be a step towards a healthy, mind, body and soul.

Sponsor a long lasting, highly effective, low maintenance water filter for $55 


Food and Clothing Distributions 

According to a recent study, 80% of Guatemalans are malnourished. More than 2000 children under 5 died last year as a consequence of illnesses caused by malnutrition. Thousands more are at risk. A silent killer, that must be stopped. 

Many children only have tortillas with a bit of salsa and coffee. To make matters worse, it is agonizing to see children not able to study for lack of backpacks or the required black shoes.
With your help Bethel Ministries can provide food, clothing, shoes, school supplies and backpacks to needy families.
Food bags containing generous amounts of beans, rice, milk, cereals, oil, sugar and other basics can be sponsored for a needy family for $50.
As you can imagine, many folk come to our door looking for aid. By having a fund set up to help with medical and other needs, we can show the love of Christ in a very real way to them.

Walking with your help

 Jonathan's family is one example. He wanted the chance to walk and with the help of donors, we were able to help him! His family was in awe when the day came to try his "new leg."

Emergency Medical Care

Other times it is a rescue, a race to save a life! What a relief when we have the resources to be able to do it.