Wheelchair Ministry

Providing Mobility - Giving Hope

Sharing Jesus in a practical way.

Celina is a young girl from San Jacinto, Chimaltenango. She use to spend most of her day on a kitchen chair or in her bed. Now she has mobilty and independence. She can go to school and hang out with her friends. A changed life indeed!

Bethel Ministries International aggressively seeks to rescue the often forgotten people with disabilities hidden away in homes and institutions. We distribute over 1300 repaired wheelchairs every year through monthly distribution activities.

BMI prioritizes proper seating with the necessary supporting systems for severely disabled children, and the required follow up care. We value ongoing relationships! 



During each event, we share the gospel of Jesus with these precious individuals. Many people leave rejoicing not only in their new mobility, but also in a new relationship with God.  





We have the privilege of helping some people with very special equipment. Since we have an incountry wheelchair repair shop, this enables us to maintain and distribute  specialty wheelchairs like this head controlled power one for Byron. His life was radically changed -  from staying in a crib most of the day, to now being able to drive himself around controling his wheelchair with his head! A very intelligent boy, he also attends classes each day with a tutor provided by Bethel with the help of a sponsor.

To help Bethel Ministries distribute wheelchairs to the needy in Guatemala, please click here:  or to see and choose from some of the people needing wheelchairs: click here