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Funny Guatemalan Fact!

Guatemala has the Genesis World Record of how many people you can get in a chicken bus - 221 people!

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Let His will be done in Guatemala


A Week in Reu

Recently we were able to build six houses for families in need with the help of a group from Iowa. Several of the group members were repeats, and they were ready for the challenge of six houses in just three days.
As soon as the group hit the house sites, they were ready to go.

Step by step they swiftly built the houses, and were able to spend extra time at the end of the day getting to know the family that was being blessed and praying over them. 

Additionally, we gave out more than twenty bags of food and more than 50 people were given mobility during the wheelchair distribution. 




It was an incredible week where much need was met, and even more need was shown.


Merry Christmas from Guatemala! 

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a wonderful year.  Thank you for your dedication, loyalty and commitment. As always, we are humbled by the Lord’s provision for Bethel Ministries, supplied through your friendship as we serve Him together.  
We’ve come through a year that was filled with both challenges and victories. We thank God for His unwavering love. How reassuring it has been to know that we can count on all of you regardless of what faces us. From our family here at Bethel to yours, please allow me to extend my appreciation to each and every one of you. You are precious to this work.  
And since we love to recount the Lord’s goodness, and faithful leadership, here’s a recap of our journey in 2016 as we look forward to all that is possible in 2017 as He allows.
Those who came to Christ were many. I will not try to give you a number but I will tell you that we saw an increase of those who wanted with all of their hearts to serve Jesus. Bibles were given to every one.
Wheelchairs given out 1630 
Houses built 72
Food for over 700 families, some of those on a monthly basis
Education sponsorships for 250 students, and many more received school supplies. Tutoring centers for children with illiterate parents in 4 villages
Medical care given to 58 people 
Much clothing, shoes and hospital supplies distributed
16 Bible college students enabled to study
Over 1500 women equipped to run their own small businesses and provide for their children through Diaconia in Paraguay
We remain in awe that God gives us the privilege of serving Him through this ministry. And please never forget that your prayers, encouragement and financial support are indispensable in helping us to reach out to those in need. We thank God for you daily, and praise Him for your generous contributions and prayers.
We offer our best wishes and happiness to you and your families during this special season, and look forward to all that God has in store for 2017!
In Christ' love,
Chris, Donna and the Bethel team



Love Today

  I think one of the most amazing things we see Jesus doing is stopping and taking the time to love that one in need. I have this strong feeling that He wants us to be like that too. Here He was on His way somewhere or teaching when He would be interrupted - sometimes by very persistent people, what patience he had... he has! He knew that by helping that one, it would make a difference. He also knew by helping you, it would too. There are many things that can drive us. Let's make a difference today and be driven by love.

Carmen's story

Carmen has been an abandoned mother for the past nine years. Her husband never took responsibility for them. Since then, Carmen has been doing everything possible to give her children what they need, working in the fields or washing clothes for people, but she isn't able to find work every day.  The money she earns working is not nearly enough for all their expenses. She now has a sponsor for the children’s education.  Her son Erick (11) is studying second grade and Wilmer (10) is studying third grade.  She and her children lived in extreme poverty, and generally only ate two simple meals a day. Their diet consisted of beans, greens foraged from the fields, tortillas, and occasional eggs.  They only had some old boards set up off the ground to sleep on. Thanks to friends, she now has a new home, bed, solar lights and stove! We serve an extraordinary God! 

  Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for  one person!


 During October over 300 wheelchairs were given out and we saw many souls come to Christ. We know they will have a changed life! 

Late October also marks the end of this school term. We love receiving all the notes from sponsored children and their parents, proudly sending their report cards and a word of thanks to their sponsors. Receiving them brought into focus just how many of them there are! Praise Jesus! - and thank you friends for helping all these children!

Here it is, all blue prints are done and now we wait for God’s perfect timing to finish a perfect work. I have always loved that verse "Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ."  Philippians 1:6 ASV. Many lives will be blessed and physically saved by this clinic/hospital,. Now that the shop property is purchased, we'd like to take the opportunity to encourage you to pray about the completion of this blessing.   

With our appreciation for your loving support,

Chris and Donna


Bethel Medical Vision

Dear Friends of Bethel,

    As we began the year, we decided that on each newsletter we’d focus on different aspects of the ministry, to briefly share what God is doing. This time we’d like to share about medical aid. With your help, Bethel has been able to provide help with surgeries, medicines for seizure control and insulin to diabetics who cannot afford the medicine on their own. We have given prosthesis, hearing aids, glasses for children, special formulas for malnourished infants, care for families affected by tuberculosis, hernia repair, and especially treatments and supplies for curing pressure sores. Through your very generous support, lives are being saved and God’s tender mercy is being shared.  We appreciate you!

    We are definitely living in exciting times; and I thank God for His Word, and how He guides us into every truth. The other day Donna and I were listening to a message about how important it is, when God has spoken to us, that we write it down. (Habakkuk 2:2-3) “ Write the vision, and make it clear upon tablets.” This will help us stay focused, and help us see that living in God’s will is exciting. One of the songs that I have loved for many years is "Every Day with Jesus is Better Than the Day Before”. Verse 3 says: “For the vision is yet for an appointed time. It will not deceive or disappoint though it tarry.  Wait for it, it will surely come.” We want to share with you a part of the vision for Bethel that has been on our hearts for a long season, that we feel is now forefront and ready to come to being. We are excited!

    Many years ago my friend Chito, from our wheelchair restoration shop, and I would travel around and visit some of those who had received a wheelchair from us and invite them to our annual camp. Many hours were spent together riding in that old truck, and I remember how I would have to periodically inspect his back to make sure that pressure sores were not developing. We would talk about friends that have pressure sores, how they would go into a hospital with one, and many times they would in a short time have more - Not a good thing! We talked about how not only would it be awesome and very important to provide workshops for preventative training and medical supplies to care for wounds, but to one day have a hospital/clinic where those with sores could be healed. A place for those who fall into perilous times, needing more than home visits and supplies. 


  This place would be a help to those who are at a critical stage in life. Jesus surely believes in saving lives, and it is our goal as well. With His help, this vision, and what has been written in our hearts for many years, is now on the move.  Praise Jesus!
You may remember on our last note when we stated that the wheelchair shop purchase fund raising had nearly been fulfilled, we mentioned that we had some exciting news coming up. Well, this is it!!  A donation as seed money was given for a pressure sore treatment hospital from a dear friend of many years, who is a doctor and has traveled with us on wheelchair distributions.  He saw first hand how Bethel was helping meet the need for treatments in the best way we could in those limited circumstances. The land to build on has also been donated.  It is a beautiful lot not too far off the main highway where people can come on buses from the interior of the country, and trucks bringing shipping containers of precious supplies can easily reach us and be unloaded. The plans have been drawn and we are ready to build! A hospital in the States has also donated some equipment to help us start setting up once the building is ready.  The facility will also host dental and optometry rooms, a warehouse, and rooms for visiting doctors and teams.

    My heart still cries when I recall the phone calls from weeping parents of youngsters, or from spouses - that infection had set in and their loved one had died. This shouldn’t be happening to anyone, but especially not to youngsters of 16 years old, because of lack of medical attention. 

Would you consider taking part in this effort? Take a look at the plans and get excited with us! It’s time to help these dear people who are suffering in unimaginable ways, to receive the treatment and help they so desperately need.  Please begin praying.  We will be sharing more specific ways you can financially help in the upcoming weeks. Please feel free to write us as well.

We appreciate you. Your gifts make this work of love possible.

We wanted to share a few stories of people we have been recently aiding medically, to help you understand the need; but this letter would get too long!  So here is a little collage of photos instead. As you look at these faces, please join with us in prayer; for their individual needs, and for the fulfillment of the vision for a place where they can come to receive help.

Chris, Donna and the Bethel team

Stateside address:
Bethel Ministries International P.O. Box 573 Reserve, NM 87830


The Mission Mobility call being fulfilled - by YOU!!

Hi Friends! Happy spring 2016!!  So much to be thankful for!

As Mission Mobility arranges the shipment of another container of wheelchairs to Guatemala this week, we are reminded of the early days of Mission Mobility, and the call that we sent out to you back in December 2013! We are excited to share the news that many of you have come on board, and united together to meet need.
Since that email, we have received 10 containers from “Friends of Bethel”  Mission Mobility - and we appreciate YOU!!  

A Mission Mobility team came down recently, and were able to catch some special moments for you on the  video above.  Enjoy - we sure did!

Blessings in this spring, friends, a time of refreshing and new growth! We send thanks from all those touched in such a meaningful way here in Guatemala!
Chris and Donna and the Bethel team
For those who would like to connect with Mission Mobility, the website with contact info is: