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Giving Tuesday - A Time To Be Thankful

As we get to this time of year where many stop to ponder what they are thankful for, we at Bethel Ministries are inclined to look back and remember as well. We consider it a true gift and blessing to be able to do what we love year after year….and what is it that we love, you might ask? We love meeting new people every day, and helping them in whatever way we are able. It’s our joy to enable them to take a step forward in life, and also many times to have the privilege of bringing them into a relationship with their Savior. Keep reading to find out about some of the amazing people we have met this year.

Javier is 6 years old and has Caudal Regression Syndrome and Scoliosis. He came to one of our wheelchair distributions in October requesting a walker. Javier’s back was bent almost into an “S” shape because of the way he would have to throw his body from side to side just to be able to walk. He was certainly excited when he received his very own walker and kept saying as he ran around “¡Mamí me gusta mucho!” which means “Mommy, I like it a lot!” During this giving season, we would like to offer you the opportunity to help give mobility to more people like Javier. If you would help in this way please click here.  

Yohana is 16 years old, lives in Asuncion Mita, and dreams of becoming a doctor. She is the youngest child of Maritza and Luis, and often helps out her dad with the family fishing business, which only makes approximately $200 a month. We visited Yohana and her parents to give them a food bag and quickly realized how incredibly bright Yohana is.  Her certificate of achievement for being top student in her sixth grade class was posted right above the doorway so that everyone who came by would see Yohana’s accomplishment. We asked Yohana if she was still in school, and she said she had to drop out several years ago because the closest high school was an hour away by car, and the family just could not afford to pay for her to go even though Yohana and her parents desperately wanted her to continue studying. It did not take much to convince us that Yohana needs to go back to school so she could fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor…and she will. To help more students like Yohana fulfill their dreams, click here

Victoria is a single mother who lives in Chiquimulilla with her twenty-six year old daughter and seventeen year old son. We visited Victoria to give her a food bag and discovered that we arrived to her home right in time. Victoria has severe diabetes that has been left untreated, and has been in need of several medical tests for quite some time but has not been able to afford to have them done. Her children told us upon arrival that a few days prior they thought their mother was going to die because she was having a bad episode and her health plummeted. Thank God, Victoria was still alive when we got there, and when word was mentioned of financial need to get the tests done, everyone in the group pulled out their wallets and came up with more than enough money for the tests. The transformation in the son’s attitude at this act of generosity was incredible! While both his mother and sister are believers, this young man was skeptical about God.  His shield that was put up when we walked in the door as Christians, immediately melted away as he saw the love of God in action. To help more people like Victoria, click here.  

Linsy lives in El Jicaro and is raising three young children on her own after she left her abusive and alcoholic husband almost a year ago. She now makes approximately $27 a week by washing clothes for people and selling firewood. Linsy and her children were living in a shack made of rusted sheet metal, plastic, and old pieces of wood until recently, when we were given the opportunity to build a house for her. When Linsy found out that she was getting a new home, she and her family worked from 6 am until late afternoon every day for a month to prepare her land for the new house she was going to receive. There were many tears of joy during the dedication of her new home, and now Linsy and her children have somewhere to call their own that is safe from the elements. To find out how to help more people like Linsy, click here.  

Whether it’s giving someone the gift of mobility, education, a bag of food, a home, or even just a hug, we consider it a privilege to be the hands and feet of God here in Guatemala. Physically being in country is not a requirement to be His hands and feet. You, too, can be a blessing to these people by considering to sponsor a family or a student in their time of need this Giving Tuesday. “‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” – Matthew 25:40  

Thank you, as well, to all those who have already given to these amazing people. We are so thankful for you!  

Blessings from the Bethel Ministries Team!

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