Bethel Clinic and Warehouse

God has placed on our hearts a desire to create a refuge for those who fall into perilous times, requiring emergency or inpatient care. Our current ministry facilities are at full capacity and a clinic will expand our ability to provide medical supplies, workshops for preventative training, pressure sore treatment and general healthcare in a welcoming and caring environment. This project also includes a warehouse for storing and distributing items such as wheelchairs, food, and clothing.

We are excited to share that our vision of building a clinic is now becoming a reality! The land has been donated and the beginning construction stages have begun.

The completed clinic will include a dental room, two examination rooms, an ophthalmology room, men’s and women’s hospital wings, a hyperbolic chamber, a laboratory, a kitchen and dining spaces, and living quarters for doctors and small teams.





 The Dilemma

Guatemalans suffer from some of the world’s worst diseases and health conditions such as high maternal and child mortality, parasites, diabetes, heart diseases, and malnutrition.  

While Guatemala’s Constitution states that every citizen has the universal right to health care, very few federal funds are allocated to this cause. Because of this, many clinics and hospitals are understaffed and lack necessary supplies. In 2015, the Guatemalan government spent only 1% of what the United States spent on healthcare per person.

Many people live in rural, impoverished villages of Guatemala. About 80% of indigenous Guatemalans live below the "international poverty line” and very few families have the economic stability to devote money towards health care.

We at Bethel Ministries have a strong desire to follow Christ’s example of taking care of the sick. Bethel has been able to help those in need with surgeries, medicine, insulin, prosthesis, hearing aids and glasses.  

Because wheelchair distribution has been our ministry’s primary focus, the medical needs of people with disabilities are of special concern. Wheelchair dependence can cause pressure sores which cause much suffering and may result in loss of limbs and even death when left untreated. 

How You Can Help

Partner with us by praying and donating to this building project. Together we can bless the people of Guatemala.

Total Project Costs: $350,000

Checks can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 573

Reserve, NM 87830

OR donate online now!