Where has the time gone?

As we are nearing the end of March, we have come to the realization that we have already been in Guatemala for three months! In this time, we have been getting settled into our roles, and have been blessed with the opportunity to go out with six groups from the US and Canada. We have met many wonderful people, and have been able to be God’s hands and feet to many of the needy of Guatemala. With these groups, we were able to build 17 houses, give out approximately 350 wheelchairs, distribute food and clothing to many families, and witness to hundreds through these actions. We would not be able to do these things without your generosity, so thank you. Thank you for your financial gifts, and thank you for giving your time and your prayers.
Ben & Emily 



We're Here!

We made it! 

We are finally here in Guatemala thanks to your help. We could not have made this move without all of the prayers and financial support that we have been receiving, and we are in continual need of it even more now. Thank you to all who sent a donation our way: we are almost to our budget! Thank you also to all who prayed for us or even just thought of us… thank you!

This last week we were able to go out with a group of physical therapy students from Indiana and do three wheelchair distributions in three different areas. Between Guatemala City, Santa Lucia, and Chimaltenango we were able to give out 153 wheelchairs! On top of it all, 88 people gave their lives to God, and countless seeds were planted by the love and hearts of service that were present in the volunteers that came down and the workers from Bethel Ministries.

It was such a blessing getting to serve all of these people at the distributions, but there was one special lady who touched Ben’s heart. Nicolása had a stroke five years ago, and since then has not been able to walk, so she has been carried around by family members. Last week she came to the distribution in Santa Lucia for a wheelchair. Ben was working as a translator, and the first thing he noted about her was how joyful and thankful she was even though she was in pain. She praised God for the blessing of the ministry’s help, but insisted that she could not walk. Ben and the therapists working with him believed otherwise. They worked with and encouraged Nicolása, trying to get her to walk. They helped her practice with a walker, moving with her so that she was more comfortable. Nicolása still did not believe she could walk, until she discovered that the leg she believed she could not move was actually moving all on its own. Once she discovered this, she got past her mental block and with determination began walking by herself! She even insisted that she walk all the way over to the prayer station instead of being wheeled over. As she walked out of the building with her new mobility she was all smiles and praising God.

We are elated to finally be here in Guatemala doing the work that God has placed upon our hearts. While there have been some struggles along the way and more still to come, we are at peace knowing that we are where God wants us to be.

Please keep us in your prayers,

Ben and Emily

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