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What a Summer!

It’s been quite sometime since we last wrote and that has been in large part due to a busy, but wonderful, summer. We were finally able to begin the rotation that we had been planning since moving to Guatemala where two couples go out with the teams, and one couple stays at home to work in the office. It has definitely been intimidating to start leading teams on our own instead of having a mentor there to help, but we have grown and learned much these last several months.

            Ben has begun to lead construction crews on his own to build houses and put in cement slabs for the floors. After a couple houses on his own, he has now become comfortable leading construction by himself. The biggest challenge and growth for him so far though, was leading home visits on his own. Every day a team is here, there is always one group who goes out on home visits to talk to people and give them food and clothes. The conversation always includes getting to know the family and also evangelizing. Every home visit has new surprises and different challenges, as each family is vastly different from the next. Ben did a wonderful job opening up his heart to minister to these families and find out their needs.

Emily has also been challenged in the home visits, as she has had to put her Spanish to work as an interpreter. It has been a difficult learning process, however, the language has been coming slowly but surely. The effort is completely worth itthough, as we have seen how important it is for the groups to be able to understand what is going on, and give them the opportunity to connect to those they are helping.

           One instance that impacted Emily was when she was translating at a wheelchair distribution. The lady receiving the wheelchair began preaching and bestowing blessings upon the people who had given her the chair and the whole group in general. This lady then shared a bit of her story, how she goes into the streets in the worst parts of town and preaches. She also goes into hospitals to pray for and with people who are on their deathbeds. The two people who had fitted her into her chair were touched by her words, and began to share a bit about their lives. The conversation lasted only 15-20 minutes, but it made an enormous impact on everyone involved as brothers and sisters from different countries and languages were able to share their hearts with one another.

            What an incredible year it has been so far, and we could not have done it without all of you. Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support. Please continue in your prayers for us, as we continue in this ministry. We ask that you pray for our hearts and eyes to be open to where God is moving, for our understanding as we grow in our positions, and that Emily would continue to improve in her Spanish.


Ben and Emily

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