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We Made It!

We made it through a whole year of work, of smiles, of tears, of struggles, of faith, of joy, of love - of life here in Guatemala. And you know what…we could not have done any of it without all of you. Thank you all for the support: the financial, the prayers, the emotional, and the spiritual. Through the help of God and you, we have made it through our first year working as full-time missionaries in Guatemala, and we are ready to continue in 2018. 

  2017 has gone by so incredibly fast that we’re not quite sure where it went, but we have countless memories to remind us of what an amazing year it has been! In 2017, we met hundreds of wonderful people: from Guatemala and from the US and Canada. Through all of these people, our hearts have been opened and stretched. We have learned from many of these people how to love, how to lead, how to see, how to pray, and how to trust. Although we are still continually learning and growing in all of these things and more, we are thankful for the growth that we have endured and to God for putting these teachers in our path. 

2017 has also been another year to prove the faithfulness of God. There have been numerous times throughout the year that hardships have appeared out of the blue, but right alongside the hardships, God proved his unending love and faithfulness by providing for us and guiding us through them. This doesn’t mean that we did not still have moments of doubt and worry when the difficulties appeared, but God shortly after gave us a nudge (and we’re pretty sure a laugh), showing us that He is completely and 100% in control. Many times, God even used one of you to prove his faithfulness to us. So thank you for being willing to be used by God. 

The new year is right around the corner, and we truly hope that it is a year of work, of smiles, of tears, of struggles, of faith, of joy, of love, of life, and proof of God’s faithfulness for all of you.  

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - we can’t wait to see you in 2018!


Ben and Emily

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